Best Natural Treatment For Body Odour

body odour treatment,

Sweating is a natural body process but at times bacteria thrive in the sweat which later results in Foul odour, As we all know that our daily activities make us sweat as humans, and the sweat is normally has little smell but when the smell is excessive, it is called Body odour and this can be source of discomfort and as well very embarrassing. Let us look at the causes of body odour…

Causes Of Body Odour

I would like to share with you some of the possible causes of Body odour;

  • GASTROINTESTINAL PROBLEM (usually constipation)

Now that we have known the possible causes of body odour, Let us look at some of the symptoms of body odour.


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Symptoms of Body Odour

1 Excessive Sweating

2 Unusual repulsive smell


Now, let me list some of the best natural treatment for body odour




One (1) tablespoon of lemon juice.

One (1) tablespoon of baking soda (It helps absorb perspiration)


Mix both lemon juice and baking soda very well. Apply the mixture to part of the body where you experience excessive sweating and other parts of the body, then leave for few minutes before finally washing with water. Do not scrub. You can then go for bathing. You can follow these simple steps once in a day, for a few weeks.




Three (3) turnips.



Cut the turnips into the blender, add a little water. Then blend to form a paste, Sieve the paste to extract the juice. Apply the juice on your body, allow it to dry, after drying, and simply wash with warm water. Follow this natural home remedy every morning to stay away from body odour.




One tablespoon of Sander wood paste

One tablespoon of orange peel powder


Mix both ingredients to form a paste; you can then add the paste to your bathing soap. Use the mixture to bath regularly till the body odour stop. This mixture is also good to prevent aching.


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General tips to naturally get rid of body odour

TIP 1#

Use baking powder to get rid of body odour, it helps in absorbing perspiration.

TIP 2#

Try using Apple Cedar vinegar to wipe your body, it’s a very good antiseptics.

TIP 3#

Wash your body at least once a day and make sure you dry off.

TIP 4#

Try and limit spicy food intake such as garlic, Onion, Curry etc.

TIP 5#

Wear breathable clothes like cotton and natural fibers to allow free air into your body.

TIP 6#

Always juice half a lemon in a cotton ball and wipe over your body.

TIP 7#

Try to include food like parsley, oregano, and mint into your diet always.

TIP 8#

Drink plenty of water and always take a leafy vegetable and plenty of spinach.

If you have tried any other natural treatment that works best for you, do not hesitate to share it through the comment box. Also if you find this article beneficial to you, please share with the social buttons on the page.

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