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Do you really wonder why do you get skin tags? and what causes skin tags around the neck? if you are really looking for the answers to these questions, this article is for you. First of all, you should know that not all skin growths are skin tags. There could also be moles or warts. For the purpose of this article, it is very important to know the difference. Skin tags are usually bits of skin about two (2) to five (5) centimeters hanging from the skin on stalks. Some skin tags don’t have stalks; they are flat and slightly protrusions on the skin. Tags are usually the same color of your flesh or a darker color, depending on your skin tone the dark color can be either brown or black. Skin tags usually occur on eyelids, armpits, neck, buttock and groin folds, also eyelids and under the breasts.  The real causes of skin tags are mysterious, but only a few factors explain how you get skin tags.


why do you get skin tags?

You may be at greater risk of getting skin tags if you are:

1). overweight: many overweight/obese people are likely to have far more skin folds than the average person. Which means that there’s going to be more sweating, rubbing, and irritation. People who are carrying excess weight also experience more hormonal changes which also contribute among pregnant women. Nobody really knows why the hormones influence the development of skin tags, but there’s always a higher incidence of them.


2). Pregnant Women: If you’re pregnant or expecting a baby, you’re bound to be going through a lot of hormonal changes in your body system. Unfortunately, you’re also more likely to get skin tags while you are pregnant. Some people do plan to treat the skin tags; it’s always recommended to use only natural methods, such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, castor, ginger and so on. I will discuss how to get rid of skin stags with various natural methods in my future article. If you choose to see a doctor in order to remove the skin tags, it’s always advisable to wait until after you have had your baby because skin tags often go away on their own once the body system hormone levels regulate back to normal.


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3). Diabetics:

It’s very important to get your cholesterol, blood sugar levels and other basic health checked. It’s possible that skin tags are one of the body’s way of letting us know that we need to make some changes in your lifestyle. Studies show that there are very strong correlations between skin tags and pre-diabetics. Though, skin tags are harmless skin growth on the skin, but they might be a warning sign for a more serious medical problem.


4). Older People:

Studies show that estimation between 50% and 60% of all people who are aged over 50years old do have skin tags. And it has been found that they are most common amongst older men and women, because older people do not have the same skin elasticity as younger people, which result in skin-on-skin friction.


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Why do you get skin tags? What causes skin tags around the neck? Well, aside from the different categories of person mention above who fall into the higher-risk group. Certainly, there are other things that we all do every day that increases the risk such as Wearing tight clothes and jewelry are also contributing factor because it leads to additional friction on your body. You should know that anything you do which cause regular rubbing of the skin increases the risk of skin tags greatly.

Skin tags may also occur due to hereditary factors, which means that you may get skin tags because of family genes or if you have a family member that has it.

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