How to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home

high blood pressure,

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension is the force or rate at which the blood is being pumped from the heart into the arteries. A normal blood pressure reading is less or equal to 120/80 mmHg.  Blood pressure is said to be high when the blood moves through the arteries more forcefully. This increases the pressure on the delicate tissues in the arteries which can damage the blood vessels. It is very important to keep your blood pressure within a normal range so that your entire body system can efficiently receive freshly oxygenated blood.

Research shows that High blood pressure affects approximately 29.1% of American adults. This condition is also known as a “silent killer” because it usually doesn’t show any symptoms until it has caused significant damage to the heart. Since most of the affected people have no visible symptoms, they are unaware that they have high blood pressure. According to American Heart Association (AHA), cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of deaths, it accounts for approximately 17.3 million deaths per year.

What are the Causes of High Blood Pressure?

It is very important to know the risk factors of High blood pressure. Although, some of the risk factors can be modified, while others are not. The good news is that High blood pressure can be managed.

Here are some of the risk factors that can put people at risk for hypertension:

  • Family history of the affected person
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • High sodium (salt), trans fat, saturated fat, and sugar in the diet
  • High consumption of alcohol & cigarette
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth control pills
  • Comorbidities, like diabetes, kidney disease, or gout
  • Age ( as you get older, the higher your chances are of having hypertension)

If hypertension is not treated, it can lead to permanent damage to the organs, thereby causes heart attacks, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, kidney failure, and other serious health problems.

Measuring High blood pressure, the recommended and perfect blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Pre-hypertension is anything between the ranges of 120/80 – 139/89 mm Hg. High blood pressure is  140/90 mm Hg and above.

There are many instant home remedies for high blood pressure which is the main aim of writing this article


Best instant home remedies for high blood pressure

There are many ways of how can we control our high blood pressure naturally at home. They are:

1). Reduce Salt intake

Sodium is one of the chemical components contained in salt, and too much sodium disrupts the balance of fluid in the body system. In other to flush the excess salt from your body system, water is extracted from surrounding tissues. The higher volume of fluid drawn from the tissues, the more the heart works harder to pump blood and hence result in high blood pressure. A large quantity of excess salt we consume is from processed foods, and that makes it very easy to stray over the healthy limit of sodium intake. The recommended maximum daily limit is put at 2,300 milligrams of salt or even less for an African Americans, men, and anyone above the age of 51 years. In other to control your salt intake, you firstly need the power of will and then you turn to home-cooked meals, where you can easily control the amount of salt added, instead of processed foods which you are not in control of.


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2). Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water has natural benefits in organic and raw form. It is rich in both potassium and magnesium which helps in regular muscle function and the heart is a big giant muscle. Coconut water helps lower blood pressure by acting as a potassium-sparing diuretic. It also helps to remove the excess water from the body, and retaining the vital potassium.

If you don’t have any problem with coconut water, it may prove to be one of the best remedies for you.

What you’ll need…

8 ounces of fresh organic/raw coconut water


Drink 8 ounces of organic/raw coconut water, one (1) – three (3) times a day. The water is also good for weight loss if you are on the heavier side; drink more of coconut water (at least 3 times a day).

3). Garlic

Garlic is one of the best home remedy staples. It is rich in beneficial constituents that are being used for a wide range of ailments, one of which happens to be hypertension. Garlic also has blood thinning properties, which makes it good for improving overall cardiac health.

Garlic is also known as a natural diuretic, which means it forces out excess sodium and water from the body system, This effect eliminate the pressure of an overworked heart and therefore decreases the blood pressure.

What you’ll need…

A good quality garlic tablets or  cloves of garlic


If the taste of raw garlic is too strong for you, popular odorless garlic supplements are also available in the drugstore.

  • If you don’t like eating the entire clove raw, you can finely slice 1-2 cloves of garlic, mix it in a glass of water and drink.
  • Another method is to take the finely minced pieces of garlic with a piece of fruit and cover it with honey.
  • If you using garlic supplement, you should take as being directed on the pack.
  • Tip — try to add a few cloves of garlic to your smoothies.

4). Ginger

Ginger is being used for centuries in Asian and Indian cultures because for its numerous health benefits. Ginger is very good for preventing heart conditions, such as treating high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and prevention of blood clots.

Ginger is good for eliminating bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoproteins), by preventing the build-up of plaque on the arterial wall which can lead to increased blood pressure.

Ginger also helps in blood thinner to prevent blood clots. Blood clots prevent adequate or required blood to flow through in the body; it leads to high blood pressure. Prevention of blood clot formation can help in reducing the prevalence of a heart attack or stroke.

Direction: Add 2 teaspoons of minced fresh ginger or ½ teaspoon of ginger powder to your smoothies and juices, you can also try to incorporate ginger into your daily cooking.


5). Omega-3 (Fatty Acids)

Omega-3 is excellent for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Fish oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). EFAs are polyunsaturated fat that is being derived from Omega-3, Omega-6, and oleic acids. This fat is essential for our body because our body cannot produce them on its own. Therefore it is very important that EFAs are included our diet.

The normal balance ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 needed in our body system is between 2:1- 4:1, but due to the American diet, the ratios have become 10:1-30:1. This means a large number of the population lacks Omega-3.

Omega-3 is very important for reducing inflammation in the body. Reducing inflammation helps prevent heart disease, stroke, and mental illnesses or inflammation of the brain. Omega-3 is also known for very effective at fighting depression and anger.

Direction: Eat Fatty acid-rich food such as salmon, herring, canned tuna, and sardines etc. they all contain a good amount of Omega-3. The recommended daily dose of Omega-3 is 1,000 milligrams.

6). Turmeric (Curcumin)

Curcumin is the main component of turmeric. Turmeric helps significantly reduce inflammation in the body. By reducing inflammation, it improves the blood flow and cardiovascular function.

Turmeric can also help remove the build-up of plaque off an arterial wall. Turmeric is a natural blood thinner which helps improve blood flow in the body and thus reduce high blood pressure.

Direction: Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to your favorite tea; you can as well flavor it with ginger and raw organic honey. Turmeric capsules or tinctures are also available instead of powder.

7). Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is being made from the seeds of the cocoa tree; it is rich in antioxidants properties such as polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins.

The cocoa tree seeds contain flavonoids, but more importantly, it is exceptionally high in its levels of flavanols.

Flavanol in cocoa seed are phytonutrients, Flavanols has a chemical called Nitric oxide which help dilates blood vessels, and therefore making it easier for the blood to circulate in the body and consequently reduce high blood pressure and the risk of stroke

Flavanol can also be found in certain fruits and vegetables such as unprocessed grape juice, red wine, black tea, and berries.

.Other uses and benefits of dark chocolate are: it reduces bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol in the body, it helps protect from sun damage while smoothing the skin, it also helps boost the brain health.

Direction:  Ensure that the dark chocolates or cocoa powders contain at least 50-80% of cocoa so as to reap the benefits of the flavanol. Know that the more cocoa content your chocolate contains, the more nutritious and beneficial it is.

8). Exercise

When you are overweight, there is extra pressure on your arterial walls and it forces your heart to work harder all through. This put you at risk of developing heart diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension), cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

Exercise is needed to get your blood pressure back on track. Light exercise such as brisk walking or light jogging can help you reduce high blood pressure and also help you in weight loss.

Direction: It is recommended that 30-minutes of aerobic activity are enough for a day or Any activity that increases your heart rate and the rate of respiration.

9). Celery

Celery seeds are being used in Chinese culture for lowering high blood pressure. Celery is a fibrous vegetable that acts as a diuretic, and a diuretic help flushes out excess water from the heart and the body system. This help reduces high blood pressure.

Direction: Mix celery seeds into your favorite tea, you can also add to your cooking, or take a drink of fresh celery juice — 3 times a day.

10). Reduce your stress

Chronic stress is one of the major contributors to high blood pressure. Occasional stress can also contribute to hypertension if you react to stress by drinking alcohol or smoking.

You can reduce stress by taking time to relax and do activities you most enjoy for at least 20 minutes a day, try to avoid anything that can trigger your stress, like spending less of your  time with people who bothers you.

Taking a slow breathing, meditating, and practicing yoga can also help you reduce stress hormones.

11). Hawthorn

Hawthorn has been in use for centuries, major for treating cardiac, circulatory, and respiratory disorders. The berries of hawthorn are specifically used to treat high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, chest pain, atherosclerosis, and heart failure ailment.

Hawthorn contains flavonoids, flavonoids are antioxidants which help destroys free radicals and dilate blood vessels, it improves the flow of blood in the body, and also protect against blood vessel damage.

Direction: try to drink hawthorn tea 1-3 times a day.

12). Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is widely used to manage high blood pressure.

Hibiscuses act as a diuretic and also flush out all the excess fluid in your heart and in your tissues. This reduces the pressure on the arterial walls. It helps vessel walls to relax and blood volume is decreased, thus help to lower your high blood pressure.

A study performed in 2008 shows that, if you take 3 cups of hibiscus tea daily help lowers systolic blood pressure (SBP) by 7 mm Hg, after just 6 weeks.

Direction: Put dried hibiscus into a cup of hot filtered water. You can add raw organic honey and lemon to make it taste.

13). Carrots

Carrot has an excellent high level of antioxidants like beta-carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. The antioxidant help reduces the number of cancer-causing free radicals in the body system. They also help to protect against damage to blood vessels and cellular death.

Carrots are rich in an electrolyte, potassium. Potassium is excellent at keeping the fluid within the body system balanced and also helps normalize blood pressure. Potassium can positively counteract the effects of sodium that is consumed in large amounts.

Method: Drink between 1-3 glasses of carrot juice a day. Ensure that you buy an organic carrot and do not add any sugar into it.

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14). Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E, potassium, and antioxidants — which are all good for lowering high blood pressure.

Tomatoes also contain lycopene, lycopene is a chemical that gives it its rich red color. Lycopene has antioxidant that helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and also prevents the build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries otherwise known as atherosclerosis. These build-ups can result in cardiovascular disease.

Direction: Try to eat at least a cup of fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, or blended tomato juice daily. If you don’t like the taste of tomatoes, you can also take lycopene supplements. Try to avoid commercial tomato sauce, which contains a high level of sodium.

15). Eat a healthy diet

If you eat a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products can help lower your high blood pressure by 14 mm Hg. This eating plan is otherwise known as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet.

Changing your eating habits is not easy, but you can adopt a healthy diet by using these tips:

  • Keep a food diary. Always write down what you eat, this will allow you to monitor what you eat, how much, when and why you eat it.
  • Consider boosting potassium. Potassium can help you to lessen the effects of sodium on blood pressure. The best source of potassium is in fruits and vegetables, you can talk to your doctor on the potassium level that is best for you.
  • Be a smart shopper. Always read the food labels when you go shopping and always stick to your healthy-eating plan when you’re dining too.

16). Limit the amount of your alcohol you take and quit smoking

drinking alcohol can be both good and bad for your health. When you drink in small amounts, it can potentially lower your high blood pressure by 2 to 4 mm Hg.

When you drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol, it can raise your high blood pressure by several points, drinking more alcohol can also reduce the effectiveness of the blood pressure medications.

Also, cigarette smoking increases your blood pressure for many minutes after you finish smoking. Quitting smoking helps reduce your high blood pressure return to normal and increase your life expectancy.

In conclusion, it’s very important to maintain a normal blood pressure. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for high blood pressure. You should understand that only natural remedies cannot lower your blood pressure, you may have to change your lifestyle choices which are the main causes of your hypertension.

Eating a good diet and quality exercise are also important factors in lowering high blood pressure. Out of all the home remedies provided above, it is advisable you stick to the remedy that works best for you.

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