Why Does Your Skin Get Wrinkles? Find out Here….

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Many people wonder the reason why does our skin get wrinkles? First of all, Let us know the definition of SKIN WRINKLE.


What is Skin Wrinkle?

Skin wrinkles are a usually common condition that is characterized by ridges, fold or lines on our skin. This naturally happens as one gets older, except in some cases where the affected person has some Health issues. Now, let discus the types of skin wrinkles.


Types of Skin Wrinkles

Skin wrinkles are generally divided into Three (3) categories: which are;

Skin Wrinkles due to aging; These types of Skin wrinkles are considered to be unavoidable, as we get older, our skin gradually loses strength and elasticity to hold itself there by causes Skin wrinkle.

Surface Lines This type of skin wrinkles are usually in form of thin lines which can be visible from a close distance and it is usually treatable.

Deeper Furrow This type is more visible and larger folds of skin which are generally irreversible without surgery. They are mainly caused by aging.


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Reasons why your skin get wrinkles

There are lots of reasons why you see wrinkles on your skin, I will try and explain most of them in this article.


Exposures to Ultraviolet Rays(UV)

These are radiation produced from the sun, when one spends most of his/her time in the sun or When our body gets in contact with the sun, your skin gets dehydrated and The causes the skin layers to thin, making it harder for the skin to retain moisture. Therefore your skin may form wrinkles due to exposure to the sun rays.


Your sleeping positions

You may be surprised how your sleeping positions affect your skin. Now, let me explain. No matter how succulent or soft your bed or pillow is, the truth is that your pillow or mattress puts pressure on your face while you sleep, an average sleeping time between 4-6 hours it depends. Over the years, this can result in the appearance of lines in your chin, face or cheeks.


Aging Factor

Aging is a natural process and inevitable. As we grow old, our skin gradually loses the strength and elasticity it used to possess previously. Understanding how our skin ages and what contributes to wrinkles can help guide us in taking steps to slow wrinkle on your skin.


Weight cycling

you might be wondering, years of repeated dieting, that is losing and gaining weight may have a negative impact on your skin. This is due to Repeated stretching of the skin which may harmfully affect the elasticity of your skin. Thereby causes wrinkle over time.



For those of us that smoke, it’s sad to know that smoking Causes a reduction of blood supply to the skin, as claimed by experts. Thereby causes early aging which in turn causes a wrinkle on the skin.


Genetic factor

Genetics also determines the age and the rate at which these changes occur, It is one of the major reasons for the development and growth of wrinkles on our skin. There is absolute nothing one can do to change it because its part of the hereditary trait.


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Face Expressions

Some of our habits and behavioural patterns results in premature skin aging. This in turn causes wrinkles on our skin. Avoiding them can help keep your skin looking younger. Making lots of facial expressions will make your skin get loose and it will generate skin wrinkles.


Having known the reason why the skin gets wrinkles, it can guide us in taking steps to slow aging of the skin and looking more beautiful ever than before. However, in future, I will write an article on best natural ways to treat to slowing down wrinkles on your skin. Do not forget to share this article using the social media buttons on the page.


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